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Lost Gardens of Heligan by Bike

I love the Lost Gardens of Heligan ! I need to plan another trip, it has been too long. I would normally travel by car but recently I realised there is another way. If you are a keen cyclist then there is a cycle route from St Austell or Mevagissey, and if you call in at the beautiful coastal village of Pentewan then you can hire a bike. What caught my eye recently is that they now offer electric bikes, and considering the hilly climb to these majestic gardens, that is a real temptation! For Cornwall bike hire Pentewan is pretty perfect, the friendly new owners have made a few changes, such as the addition of a great coffee machine. With ice-creams too, whether the weather is hot or cold the hire hut is welcoming and has a lovely picnic area by the river. There are a few different trails in Cornwall, the famous Camel Trail which although beautiful can be a bit busy. Further south you can travel around the old tram ways and see a more industrial but equally interesting

Pentewan Cycle Hire

Tall ship at Charlestown The cycle trail around Pentewan Historic St Austell The Eden Project If you have ever visited Pentewan you would know what a sweet village it is. Delicious ice creams, great pubs and a beautiful sandy beach, what more could you want! Well from Pentewan Cycle Hire you can rent a bike and explore even more of this great county. There are many routes to choose from, cycle to the traditional fishing port of Mevagissey , or to the world famous Eden Project or even see the tall ships at Charlestown . The Lost Gardens of Heligan Around Pentewan Mevagissey Ideal for a one day hire, see Cornwall from a different angle. They provide a large range of quality bikes and accessories for hire and purchase. There are just so many routes all catering to different levels, all from this beautiful corner of Cornwall. Pentewan Cycle Hire The Pentewan Valley

Cycle Hire

There has been a boom in businesses offering cycle hire as more and more people look to healthy options for their holiday entertainment. Ski resorts push mountain biking as soon as the snow starts to trickle away in the swelling streams, and it is not just adrenaline sports fans that take the headlong trip any more. There is an ever increasing number of families looking for excitement in this way. There may not be mountains in the South West, but there are a great number of companies that provide bikes to travel over the largely untamed landscape. A lot of these are based on existing cycle trails such as Trail Bike Hire on the Camel Trail near Padstow, but some now delve into the moors with mountain bike leaders. Coupled with cycle hire, this is a very convenient way to edge out of our individual comfort zones. The very factor that puts many off cycling in South West, the hilly terrain, can be the most attractive reason to make the extra effort. Fitness is not the only concern, there