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A new play by Bill Scott, with lyrics and music by Tom Adams. Don’t miss Cornwall’s favourite alternative to pantomime this winter, when Miracle Theatre bring ‘the ultimate monster-mash up’ to Bude’s Parkhouse Centre on Thursday 20th December! Renowned for their surreal and comic re-workings of well known and loved stories, Miracle’s inventive approach to FRANKENSTEIN!  promises to tickle funny bones and have audiences jumping out of their seats! Originally a Victorian novel, famously a black and white movie starring Boris Karloff and the inspiration for The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Miracle presents its Frankenstein! as a musical performed by the Ffitch Repertory Players in 1947. As with past Miracle shows, The Revenge of Rumpelstiltskin and Aladdin, audiences will enjoy backstage glimpses of the intrepid players as they struggle to create their terrifying vision of the future - a world where the rich and famous have paid huge sums to have their bodies preserved at sub-zero

New Hope for All Children with Cerebral Palsy

After a traumatic birth, Cornish resident Sophie Hibbs was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and hydrocephalus. She was fitted with a shunt to keep her alive. Her desperate parents were told her quality of life would be poor. At three years and six months Sophie’s trunk was too weak for her to sit unaided. Her limbs were spastic, she had difficulty swallowing and no speech. Both her communication and her ability to understand language were poor, she could not play or show normal emotions. If her younger sister poked her or took away a toy she did not cry out or protest. Her vision was limited and she had a squint. The future seemed bleak. One year later according to Sophie’s medical records she has become a different child. She sits independently. She can lie down and right herself. She is beginning to crawl. She is alert and social and can use her hands to play with toys at pre-school. She looks towards the teacher who calls her name on the school register. She uses paint and crayons