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GMTV Travel News

Breakfast news has yet again highlighted the benefits of holidaying in the UK this year. This time focusing on Bournemouth, but the point still applies to Cornwall. Take a look at the video clip to see what they had to say, for anyone interested in taking a holiday in Cornwall, or providing accommodation, it is interesting viewing. See the clip ... So, we are going to see even more visitors to the South West this season, the question is, will we as a county take advantage of the influx or be unprepared? There will be a marked rise in foreign and UK based tourists, so now is the time to make plans to ensure they enjoy themselves, come back again, and do not just view us as a cut price alternative!

Europeans Holidaying in the UK

If you were watching the breakfast news on the BBC this morning, you would have seen the clip included above; very positive news for those in Cornwall, and especially B&B owners. It is rarely good news when we hear that the Pound is weak against the Euro, but it has caused a flood of Europeans to visit their island neighbours. Cornwall will benefit a great deal from the foreign visitors - with much of the economy based in the tourist trade - and along with those from across the seas, many are choosing to stay in the UK for their holidays. All of the accommodation owners I have spoken to have mentioned that their bookings are up, with many visitors choosing to stay for two weeks instead of one as they previously had. The news report also mentioned the advantage of web based advertising to reach these visitors. Having a website for your business is now considered essential, the greater majority of consumers look for a business online first, even if only for contact details. In th

Holidays in Cornwall

We are very much in the main season here in Cornwall, the beaches are packed and the streets are full of slow moving tourists looking at the view - murder when you are trying to get to work in the morning! My wife gets very angry when it is so busy, as do many locals, but considering the tourist industry is the largest source of income in the South West, I have a more ambivalent view. There are many plus points to such an influx of visitors to a relatively small area, the sudden boost to the local economy not being the least important, but the season has become progressively forced into a tight time period year on year. One factor contributing to this has been the new policy for schools to penalise children that take holidays during term time. This has meant that parents will only go away during the six weeks school break, and are not able to take advantage of, perhaps, a short heat wave. The effect of this reduced season also means ridiculously expensive prices for the two months