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The Ultimate Minted or Skinted?

Here at last is some good news for city execs under pressure, looking for an investment in fine art to shelter their hard earned cash….

In today’s climate, few could afford the £50million original, most missed out on the Sotheby’s £111million auction and many have credit which has finally crunched.

But fortunately Driftwood Gallery in Truro has come to their rescue, and proudly presents the ultimate "bling on a shoe-string" for the embattled collector.

In homage to Damien Hirst, the gallery, which was founded immediately next door to Damien’s restaurant on Ilfracombe’s harbour-side in North Devon, has commissioned a beautiful skull (fortunately not real) covered in exquisite diamonds (unfortunately also not real).

Made by the famous Jimmy Crystal of New York, the skull is in fact completely decorated in glittering Swarovski crystal.

Gallery owner Justin Easton explained that he had sold the work of Jimmy Crystal for a long time, usually in the form of jewellery and accessor…