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Cornish Fudge Company Rebrands

The familiar Cornish fudge brand, Buttermilk Shop, are launching their new look packaging. Fudge shops are an essential feature of Cornish towns, especially the ones beside the sea, and Buttermilk Shop have been supplying them for many years.

Buttermilk approached local design company Pickle Design to give their traditional brand a fresh look, but wanted to make sure the Cornish nature of the fudge was not lost. The boxes and tapered bags display a picture-postcard style, illustrated scene of Cornwall, and the array of flavours are characterised by vibrant colours.

They have all your favorites from Clotted Cream fudge to Turkish Delight and a few strange ones to like Coconut Ice fudge! This range is soon to be appearing in their famous Port Isaac and Padstow stores, so keep a look out.

Riding Out The Recession

"My adventures cycling from Cornwall in the UK to Cape Town in South Africa by bicycle" This is the title of Sean Maher's blog reporting his experiences, trials and tribulations of cycling day after day in foreign lands.

Sean himself confesses he is not a pro at cycling, and has never done anything like this before. His witty accounts, though, make the onlooker feel very supportive of his quest and routing for him to achieve his desired goal.

Sean took on this cycle ride because he was out of university and didn't have a job to go to, so he decided to make the most of this opportunity and 'ride out the recession'. He did not just do this for his own experience though, but raised money for some very worthy charities - Pump Aid who work with communities in southern Africa, UNICEF who look after children in mainly developing countries, Wooden Spoon a charirty working to enhance underprivileged children's lives and the Robert John's Leukemia Fund.

The …