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Miracle Theatre's Open-Air Tour 2012

This summer Cornwall’s own Miracle Theatre are hoping to score a double hit by swiftly following their recent self -penned production of ‘Tin’, with an absolute British classic: Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’.

Miracle will be adding an extra dimension to what is often cited as the ‘funniest play ever written’ and touring it to over 40 venues across the south west from 14th June until 2nd September.

Every few years, Miracle likes to turn its hand to comedy classics of European theatre, particularly when they deliver powerful social commentary under the cover of laughter. This ‘masterpiece of sharp wit and preposterous plotting’ cries out for the sort of surreal treatment that has become Miracle’s hallmark.

“Having visited Russia for The Government Inspector and France for Tartuffe, this summer, from our own shores we'll be exploring The Importance Of Being Earnest”, says director Bill Scott, “It is one of those rare scripts that it's impossible to rea…