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My father in law is always telling me what goes on in Camelford, and, frankly, I didn’t really take much notice as it seemed to be out on a limb. But I went along and took a few photographs and was amazed by the architecture there. It really does have a lot of potential.

The Tourist Information Centre supplied us with some details and history of the town and my wife put them together to make a Town Guide on the Eye on Cornwall website. If you are looking for more information on the town, drop into North Cornwall Museum, where the Tourist Information Centre is based.

Film Makers' Competition

Devon and Cornwall Film are running a competition for film makers in the South West to celebrate the Free Cinema Movement's 50th anniversary.

They focus on the void that is quality cinema down here in the far west. If you are struggling to cope with the vacuous blockbusters and need some mental stimulation, take a look at their web site.