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James Cracknell Leads the “Get Home Safe” Initiative

Stella Artois has found that up to 83% of us will get frustrated when trying to get home after a night out, due to not planning our journeys home in advance. They are encouraging people to make a plan to ‘get home safe’, which builds upon Stella Artois’ commitment to responsible drinking. This initiative is lead by former Olympic rower and gold medalist James Cracknell. James is certainly a man who all too well understands the importance of planning, especially as he is about to set off on a race to the South Pole with Ben Fogle. “From my experiences I know the importance of making a plan and getting home safe so I was really excited when I was asked to lead the Stella Artois campaign. It doesn’t matter if you are heading to the South Pole or East Finchley this Christmas everyone should make a plan to get home safe.” Gender seems to play a big role. 45% of men as opposed to 25% women will find themselves caught short with no way of knowing how they will get home. This is because,