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Rocke & Nutter - A New Cornish Luxury Lifestyle Brand

Rocke & Nutter, a stylish new home and fashion accessories brand inspired by the timeless allure of North Cornish Coastal life, today announced the launch of their online store. Founded by Sophie Mason and Jay McInnes, the brand focuses on design-led, locally-sourced and ethically produced products.

The store's inspiring range of gorgeous homewares aims to promote the work of the finest Cornish craftspeople - such as the handmade steam-bent lighting of Tom Raffield and the seascape-inspired ceramics of Charlotte Jones. The hunt for hand-made treasures has also led Rocke & Nutter further afield, to Ireland for the wool felt creations of Jamie Lewis and Paris for designer Nadia Dafri's stunning cut glass jewellery. The store also caters for beach-loving 'Little Nutters', with a range of animal-print wetsuits for children.

"There's a freshness, a vibe and a purity about life on the North Cornish Coast that we love," says Sophie. "We're two …

Cornwall businesses should be showing their uniqueness

It's a land as famous for toiling tin in the past as tantalising tourists today. Surrounded by brooding waters and peppered with mines, Cornwall also houses some of the most creative minds in the country.

With a relaxed and friendly attitude, the county boasts a rich diversity of businesses. From designers to wordsmiths and caterers to crafters, there is a focus on bringing the elements of Cornwall's unique aesthetic to the fore. Websites use images of the sea, whilst restaurants focus on provenance: incorporating what grows naturally. Artists gather natural resources to produce.

Over time, many creatives cite the sea as an inspiration. From the anthropomorphic rocks to the inky waters, Cornwall's natural beauty weaves itself around those who visit and wraps itself inside those who live here; forever holding hearts.

Its unique landscape: from the rugged rocks on the North Coast to the harsh hilltops on the moors, from the sandy arcs of St. Ives to the rattling flotilla of…