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Home Renovating

We have all spent a lot of time in homes of late, thanks to Corona virus and lockdown. For some that has been a welcome opportunity to be a bit of a recluse! Many of us have turned to home improvement, making the most of the space we have available. I felt particular blessed having a garden during that sunny spell we had in May.  Now we can have work men and women in our homes and gardens again we are not constrained purely by DIY (thankfully!) My attempts were pretty basic but it didn't stop me dreaming, sketching ideas here and there.   We have a wealth of artisans and crafts people in Cornwall who help bring our scribbled ideas to life. One Cornish company I particularly like are Coast Creative Joinery. More than just carpentry, having one of the South West's few CNC machines means the possibilities are pretty endless! From intricate fretwork to bespoke kitchen units, flat-pack and ready to go. Lovely colours and finishes.  I would love to re-think my kitchen, I have spent s

Made in Cornwall

Celebrating 25 years this year we have a great Cornish business, Bromleighs . When you think 'made in Cornwall' I confess I often imagine tasty food and drink or perhaps art and crafts, but there are so many other businesses tucked away in our fair county that have been thriving for years and deserve the spotlight. With a perfect mix of great product and bespoke commissions, Bromleighs create handmade lighting including pendants, wall and table lights. Although their range is wide I love the industrial style of the wrought metal switches and fixtures. That heritage feel has meant you can see their wares in historic homes up and down the country, often favoured by the National Trust. They take a raw material, such a locally sourced copper, pewter or brass and turn it into beautifully finished switches and sockets. These little details are what makes a house feel complete, considered even. They speak of quality and for a historic home, won't jar with the surrounds.

Spotlight on a Cornish Business

Most of what catches my eye as I peruse the internet involves interiors. There is something about creating a home that I find inspiring. In Cornwall many of our beautiful houses boast more than just great interiors - stunning views. The standard seaside cliché is not the only option when it comes to the interior. The bones of a house may be on old fisherman's cottage, or perhaps a ramshackle barn, a 1930s Deco dream by the sea or an uncompromising modern minimal box - but as you step inside a different narrative can be revealed. I always value interiors with integrity, especially when every detail has been thought through. From the light switch you turn off at night to the plug socket you use to charge your phone. A great local business with world wide reach is Bromleighs . They design and produce fixtures and fittings for heritage renovations as well as prestigious new builds. Hand-finishing a wide range of sockets, switches and lighting. Be that in stunning hard

Just Fab Interior Design in Cornwall

Seeing as the weather this summer is leaving much to be desired, why not turn your attention inside your home and think about some interior design? Based in Launceston are Just Fab, the Cornwall interiors showroom, and they house the largest fabric and wallpaper collection in the South West. As well as being an Aladdin's cave for those who love soft furnishings, rolls of fabric and swatch books galore, Just Fab are renowned for their service. It can can be quite daunting at times, considering a room and working out how the space might work better, so it is good to know that Just Fab can help you with any or every part of the process. They have a really friendly and talented team who can help you match colours and textures, patterns and furnishings. If you need help with the measuring up they do that too and they make curtains, blinds and upholstery all to your specification. Keep an eye out for their adverts in the Cornish glossy magazines, and when in Launcesto