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Stein opens Fishmongers in Padstow

Rick Stein and Jill Stein have opened a new fishmonger’s in Padstow. Stein’s Fisheries, selling fresh fish, shellfish and pre-prepared seafood dishes, opened for business on Monday 26th March on the South Quay, next to Stein’s Fish and Chips. After being closely involved with the fishing industry for well over 35 years and seeing the growing success of their fish counter at Stein’s Deli, it was a natural move for the business. On offer will be lobsters, crabs and an extensive range of fresh fish and shellfish as well as pre-prepared foods such as fishcakes, seafood salads, fish soups and a selection of salmon, prawn and crab sandwiches. The opening of Stein’s Fisheries will also create additional space in the deli to stock more local meats, salads and olives. Rick commented ‘We are delighted to have a proper fish shop after all these years and think it will be popular, we know that fishmongers are closing down all over the country but we’re very optimistic about Stein’s Fisheries