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The Death of Sherlock Holmes

Open-Air Tour June-August 2011 A famous detective - A new type of crime - Unusual suspects… This summer, Miracle Theatre is stirring up all the ingredients of the best Sherlock Holmes mystery with a large measure of comedy to bring you a period thriller with a sting in its tail! The Death of Sherlock Holmes, written and directed by Bill Scott, is touring to over 40 venues across south west England and Wales, from 1st June to 29th August. It’s a dangerous time for Sherlock Holmes: preparing for his final battle with the criminal mastermind Moriarty, he stumbles upon a most ingenious crime. Faced with a web of questionable motives, bizarre weapons and devilish disguises, Sherlock and Watson head off at breakneck speed on a trail which leads from 221b Baker Street, via the Swiss Alps, to a suburban séance bursting with paranormal goings on. “This show is about how the world’s most famous detective might have reacted when his creator, the archetypal Victorian gentleman Arthur Co