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Grey Heron at Marazion

Grey Heron at Marazion, Cornwall - 20/10/09

Looking out to sea at Marazion you observe plenty of turmoil in the restless waters, sometimes a bit like life. Take a 180 degree turn and you face the opposite in the tranquil waters of the marshes. Look at the water the heron is standing in in the photo above - not a ripple!

Bird watching can be so peaceful calming & relaxing. All you need is a modest pair of binns, a pocket bird book for ID and a little patience. Don't worry if you can't ID a particular bird...just ENJOY the bird.

The whole ambiance of the experience can be rewarding and there are plenty of places in Cornwall to visit. This month the fabulous starlings are putting on a full roosting display at Roughtor car park Nr. Camelford. My wife Steph & I were there last Sunday, there were 100s of thousands of them, what a spectacle! You need to get there at about 4pm. Don't miss it.

Norman Greaves

Result of the Caption Competition

Thanks to all the people who added captions to this photograph. Norman has read through them and selected a winner.

The winning caption was written By Estelle:

"Now look 'ere, you said there'd be other gulls in fancy dress! mean I've got to stay in this swan costume all day?! embarrassing..."

Thanks for all your entries, we will definitely have to do another one soon! To see the others have a look at the original post here...

Just For Fun Caption Competition

Regular Bird Watching Contributor to The Cornwall Blog, Norman Greaves has asked if we can find a witty caption to this photograph.

He took the shot a couple of weeks ago on The Camel River, near Anneka's Bridge in Wadebridge. He also took some other eye catching images when visiting The Lizard that we will be adding to the blog shortly. To get the ball rolling, he suggested:

"Out of the way shorty!"

Without being rude, I think you could do better...

To see the winning entry, take a look at the results here...

2 Day Video Dance course!

Film maker Brett Harvey on working within the video dance medium.

“Video Dance” or “Dance for Camera” has established itself as a new and vital ingredient in the UK’s evolving film scene. Video Dance, uses movement in place of, or as well as, dialogue and is a rich medium that smashes the boundaries to redefine both dance and film, stretching our imagination and the way we think about what film can be.

This course is designed to detangle the world of dance for camera
The course will:
· Give you experience and confidence of working in a new genre
· Give you clear ideas and approaches to working in this highly creative area of film making
· Stretch your imagination and ideas of what film making can be
· Give you the chance to work creatively and collaboratively with a dancer
· Give you insight and experience into a vastly growing area of the film industry

Videodance can be seen on almost any media platform from iPods to feature films, commercials and television programs. Currently there are over…