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Helman Tor

In central Cornwall there are plenty of peaceful beauty spots a little less known, one I love is Helman Tor. So wonderfully quiet and on a clear day you can see for miles, both coasts if you are lucky!

Finding it is always a bit of a mission, Visit Cornwall have directions you can check out. With massive slabs of granite, and a logan stones (teetering on the edge) it's a place ideal for clambering over with the kids, or to just relax and watch the sun set.

At the foot of the tor there is a large wetland and with grazing animals gathering around bodies of water. The landscape comprises of heathland, acid grassland with willow and oak trees down below. You can see the weather rolling across the hills with birds of prey soaring in the sky above.

The rocks seem to defy gravity and provide sheltered nooks to sit and admire an impressive view.

A Hidden Gem for Autumn

That nip is in the air and its official, October is here and we are feeling decidedly autumnal. I just love seeing the seasons change and as soon as the golden leaves turn I just can't wait to get to the woods. There are plenty to choose from, but a place where I always find peace is Luxulyan Valley and in particular the industrial heritage that is the Treffry viaduct.

You can follow a circular route with iWalk Cornwall, they even have an app. The path I often take follows the old water way, down past the remains of what was an impressive waterwheel and along some very giant boulders! The viaduct that spans the valley was built in 1844 by Joesph (Austen) Treffry who had big ideas on developing the area. It was the most advanced engineering project in the western peninsula and carried both water and rail across the valley.

For such a peaceful spot its hard to imagine it as a bustling industrial site but the traces of man-made feats are still visible, albeit cloaked in leafy green.…