Wheal Martyn's Relaxed Sessions

Relaxed Sessions at Wheal Martyn

I thought this was a brilliant idea when I saw it, worth sharing far and wide! One of Cornwall's fine museums, Wheal Martyn, are holding a 'Relaxed Session' on January the 18th from 3.30 - 5pm.

These relaxed sessions are a chance for adults or children with autism, anxiety or similar who might prefer the chance to enjoy the museum at a quieter pace. There will be ASD-friendly activities with plenty of objects to handle.

Autism friendly museum days

Autism friendly museum days

Wheal Martyn is based at a real Victorian clay works and shares the stories of Cornwall's mining history. There's space to explore with nature trails, a discovery centre and you can see Cornwall's largest working waterwheel.

Having grown up with a brother with autism I think it's great when attractions try and see things from the point of view of someone who might be overwhelmed by a normal museum experience.

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