2 Day Video Dance course!

Film maker Brett Harvey on working within the video dance medium.

“Video Dance” or “Dance for Camera” has established itself as a new and vital ingredient in the UK’s evolving film scene. Video Dance, uses movement in place of, or as well as, dialogue and is a rich medium that smashes the boundaries to redefine both dance and film, stretching our imagination and the way we think about what film can be.

This course is designed to detangle the world of dance for camera
The course will:
· Give you experience and confidence of working in a new genre
· Give you clear ideas and approaches to working in this highly creative area of film making
· Stretch your imagination and ideas of what film making can be
· Give you the chance to work creatively and collaboratively with a dancer
· Give you insight and experience into a vastly growing area of the film industry

Videodance can be seen on almost any media platform from iPods to feature films, commercials and television programs. Currently there are over 150 dance film festivals world wide that feature videodance work.

“It has been refreshing to be able to work on a narrative for film using on physicality rather than dialogue. I find you can work much more interpretively and collaboratively.  For me, working with dancers has been a really interesting experience that has made me step out of comfort zones and take more creative risks!”

The course details:
Dance, Camera, Action!
Thursday 12th November 10am  - 5pm and Friday 13th November 10 am – 4.30 pm                                                          
Venue – The Core Studio, Falmouth
An incredible opportunity for film makers to work with dancers on a 2 day course led by leading dance film makers Dan Faberoff and Becky Edmunds.  Brought to you in partnership by The Works, Cornwall Film Festival, UCF, Dartington College and RELAYS.
Film makers and Directors will get the opportunity to work with Dancers and Choreographers
Cost: Freelance artists £45 (ticket price includes a £35 weekend pass to The Cornwall Film Festival)                                   
Institutions £85 (ticket price includes a £35 weekend pass to The Cornwall Film Festival)

To Book, please email The Works on dance@dtcworks.co.uk or call 01872 261770 for more information.

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