The Death of Sherlock Holmes

The Death of Sherlock Holmes
Open-Air Tour June-August 2011

A famous detective - A new type of crime - Unusual suspects…

This summer, Miracle Theatre is stirring up all the ingredients of the best Sherlock Holmes mystery with a large measure of comedy to bring you a period thriller with a sting in its tail! The Death of Sherlock Holmes, written and directed by Bill Scott, is touring to over 40 venues across south west England and Wales, from 1st June to 29th August.

It’s a dangerous time for Sherlock Holmes: preparing for his final battle with the criminal mastermind Moriarty, he stumbles upon a most ingenious crime.

Faced with a web of questionable motives, bizarre weapons and devilish disguises, Sherlock and Watson head off at breakneck speed on a trail which leads from 221b Baker Street, via the Swiss Alps, to a suburban séance bursting with paranormal goings on.

“This show is about how the world’s most famous detective might have reacted when his creator, the archetypal Victorian gentleman Arthur Conan Doyle, started to lose interest in writing detective stories and became obsessed with ghosts and fairies instead” says director Bill Scott. “But there is much more going on in this new Sherlock Holmes adventure than meets the eye. Moriarty may be the most evil villain of all time but could there be someone even more powerful pulling his strings? The audience will need to look out for clues and use all their powers of deduction to crack this most puzzling of cases. We hope it will keep people talking all the way home!”

The Miracle Theatre Company
Miracle Theatre is renowned for producing witty, highly physical and popular new works as well as clever adaptations of the classics. The Death of Sherlock Holmes skilfully combines a cast of Miracle’s most popular and dynamic performers, an original music score by Jim Carey and innovative design by Alan and Jude Munden to create a mind-boggling ‘whodunwhat’ which offers audiences of all generations the chance to test their detective skills alongside our avid super sleuths.

If you are searching to solve the mystery of how to have a great night out, why not follow Mrs Hudson’s recommendations: pack a hip flask, bring a suitable coat for the season (deerstalkers optional), grab a gabardine blanket and look no further than your nearest castle, garden, ancient playing place, or even beach, to enjoy an evening of classic outdoor entertainment.
But remember – expect the unexpected!

Make your evening’s entertainment even more memorable! Miracle Theatre has once again teamed up with King Harry’s Cornwall to offer audiences the chance to take the boat from Falmouth to see The Death of Sherlock Holmes at Trelissick Garden, Smugglers Cottage at Tolverne or St Mawes Castle this summer. Experience the views across the Fal River; enjoy on-board entertainment with a complimentary pint of Skinners, as well as priority seating on your arrival at the venue.

To see the dates and venues got the Eye on Cornwall Event Calendar.

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